Premiere Concrete Solutions was created with one thing in mind, simply put we are about supplying the concrete industry with the highest quality products available today. Concrete is the most versatile and durable building material available to man. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide products that take concrete to its ultimate performance. We at PCS focus on a limited line meant for use by the most demanding customers. You’ll find that many of our products names reflect what has been proven to be their individual performance characteristics. Our company revolves around three unique concrete cure & seal products.

Luster, the world’s finest cure & seal designed specifically for optimizing the aesthetic beauty of colored stamped concrete. Premiere is the first cure and seal that provides concrete with a dual protection. It ensures optimum performance during the critical curing period, allowing maximum hydration, while protecting the concretes future with a proprietary penetrating sealer. Finally, Ultimate the final step in the pursuit of complete protection.

We at PCS have found that our love for the outdoors has led us to some similar technologies found in the outfitting industry. For example, Premiere and Ultimate have penetrating components that prevent water from penetrating the concrete while at the same time allowing water vapor to escape. Premium outdoor clothing is designed with the exact same results in mind. We at PCS use the Bear to represent the power and durability against the forces of nature that can compromise the best of building materials. We believe that if you incorporate our products into your quality concrete practices, you’ll have "protection against whatever nature brings."